Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student:  Sylvia Laytin

Mentor: Patricia Lein

Domains: Science/ Visual Arts

Faculty Grader: Theresa Lichtenstein


Documentation of Product


Title: Thandi: The RhinocerosŐs Journey



My Senior Project is a multi-media museum exhibit designed to give my viewers an extensive background of the rhinocerosŐs hardships, a thorough understanding of the animal and how it lives, and the fatal future that the species face. The rhinoceros is killed for its horn, which sells at prices higher than gold today on the black market. Rhinoceros poaching affects the Ecosystem is a large way. Known as a Megagrazer, the rhinoceros has a key role in the homeostasis of its environment. The calculations are in, and in seven years time they will be extinct. Following extinction of a major ecosystem engineer will cause droughts, uncontrollable forest fires, and less fertilization. Some important lessons from this exhibit are that the belief in the medicinal properties of the horn is truly a myth, that the world would not be the same without the rhinoceros, and that help must be provided before itŐs too late. In order to prevent the possible extinction of the Rhinoceros, the message must be effectively conveyed through positive propaganda. 


Details: The reason I have devoted my senior year to this project is because I worked hands on besides Dr.William Fowlds days after Thandi's poaching at Keriega Game Reserve, South Africa. Nothing I could make for my exhibit would give viewers the feeling of being on the field with a moribund, beautiful creature. I have tried my best to portray why this issue is so important, so others can care about it just as much as I do. All donations go towards Thandi's medical bills.


Senior Project Presentation



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


I presented my research in a multi-sensory museum exhibit. The space I was given was a 15 x 30 ft classroom. I applied my printed text to posterboards that were coated with construction paper. I than applied photographs printed from CVS on glossy paper. Installation included hanging each posterboard with a level, and tacks. Media installation was simple. I hooked up loaner macbooks to a projector and speaker for my sound/video.


Exhibition Photographs

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