Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Serge Merjeevski

Mentor: Ned Smyth

Domains: Art & Science.

Faculty Grader: Jon Mulhern


Documentation of Product


Title: Faces Of Prehistory: Saber Toothed Felids.



For my senior project I am going to continue work on a project I started last year, the muscle anatomy of a giant saber toothed cat, Smilodon Populator, made out of steel. This sculpture is based off of a previous project where I made a leopard in the same fashion. Both sculptures represent the musculature of the animals where the muscles are made out of sheet metal and the internal, skeletal; support structure is made of steel rods.


The second half of my project will be an exhibition of my research into the appearance of both extinct saber toothed cats and modern felids, to provide further context and reality to the steel sculpture. This exhibition will include drawings, data, skull replicas and models of both extinct and living cats. The steel sculpture and the exhibit will allow me to further explore the realms of osteology and paleoanatomy, and fulfill a childhood fascination with these extinct killer cats.














Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation:  Faces Of Prehistory (PowerPoint)

                          Faces Of Prehistory  (Presentation Video)

Works Consulted



The Big Cats and their Fossil Relatives – Mauricio Antón and Alan Turner





The Other Saber-Tooths: Scimitar-Tooth Cats of the. Western Hemisphere - Virginia L. Naples, Larry D. Martin, John P. Babiarz





An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy For Artists) - W. Ellenberger, H. Bawm, H. Dittrich, Lewis S. Brown