Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Yu Cao

Mentor: Jennifer Cross

Domains: Art

Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein


Documentation of Product


Title: East and West Embroidered Art Works


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My senior project is to create a body of artworks using embroidery, combining tradition Chinese embroidery elements with idea of western contemporary art. For my artworks, I study and refer Christa’s embroideries and it give me the idea of the theme of my artworks, the portraits of young people showing various emotional states of being.


I want to show how teenager are performed in the current world through my artworks. In five of my artworks, the traditional Chinese embroidery is fish showing the traditional elements and skills, which I did it with my teacher’s help. Four of my artworks are the portraits of young people showing different emotions.


The first one shows the emotion of wondering. The idea of this emotional state of teenager is that as a teenager, he or she always doubting and wondering about things that changing so fast in nowadays. Moreover, teenagers are also curious about the unknown things. So it represent one of the usual expressions of young people in nowadays.


The second one shows the emotion of pleased and happy. Happy is one of people’s basic emotions. This artwork represents the happiness expression of young people and their pleasant to wonderful things. Teenagers are in the turbulent years of adolescence, therefore, pleased and happy express young people’s emotion in the current world.


The third one shows the emotion of peaceful, which is one of the most regular and basic expressions of people. This emotion state is the most common expression of young people. It shows young people’s peaceful mental state and their calm mood suitable attitude to the world.


The forth one shows the emotion of confident. As a teenager he or she has the courage to demonstrate and challenge himself and herself, so young people are confident to their life. Through this artwork, the expression represents young people’s attitude to the innovation society in nowadays.



Exhibition & Presentation Summary

For my senior project, I created a body of artworks using embroidery, combining tradition Chinese styles with influences from contemporary art. For my subject, I choose portraits of young people showing various emotional states of being. I wished to capture the feelings and emotions of the youth with influences from their daily life in the current world. I choose some of my friends as my figures for my senior project because I have known them well and I can represent their emotions more accurately and vividly.


Presentation: Power Point Senior Project Presentation

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