Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Luna Ye

Mentor: Debra McCall

Domains: Art and History

Faculty Grader: Lea Abram


Documentation of Product


Title: Hieroglyphs



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


After visiting Egypt twice, I became interested in hieroglyphs, the writing system of ancient Egyptians. I decided to learn more about ancient Egyptian culture through study of hieroglyphs—how the system evolved, the meaning of the symbols, how they were used. Mainly visible on temples, mummies, and tombs, hieroglyphs provided a sophisticated system for identifying deities and pharaohs, but also for conducting daily business. For my Senior Project, I have created products that assist others in learning and understanding hieroglyphs. There are linguistics and math puzzles to solve and charms that can be made for special purposes—health, wealth, love. As part of my project, I taught Lea Abram’s fifth grade class as they began their study of ancient Egypt. They wrote their names and solved a math problem. I also wrote a paper, “Understanding Hieroglyphs,” and spent a great deal of time perfecting my skills as a scribe--copying hieroglyphs and playing with word making.



Presentation: video, Power-point , Essay about history of hieroglyphs and 5th Grades presentation essay

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