Senior Projects


The Senior Project is the culmination of a student’s learning experience at Ross School. Through execution of the Senior Project, students embody their passions through a process and product that integrates such Ross School principles as multiple intelligences, cultural/historical context, personal reflection, application of technology and pursuit of excellence. Its main components are the Process Folio, the Final Product and the Presentation. Acting as facilitator, teacher, advisor, editor, critic and advocate, the relationship between the student and the Senior Project mentor is critical to the evolution and realization of the project. At the conclusion of the Senior Project, students should have deeper insight into themselves as learners and producers.



Khalid Al-Mahmoud

Collection of Short Stories


Mentor: Mark Foard

Domain: English

Consultants: Abdulrahman Al-Mahmoud and Bader Al-Mahmoud

My stories are about a country where there are five large and powerful tribes who are at war with each other. One day a flood and storm hit the country and a member from every tribe was pulled into a cave. They fainted and when they woke up in the morning they saw a rock blocking the cave. So, they decided that every one of them had to tell a story to entertain themselves until help arrived.



Ryan Anderson

The Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Survivorship and Growth of Menidia beryllina and Cyprinodon variegatus


Mentor: Patty Lein

Domain: Science

Consultant: Chris Gobler


This scientific research project focused on the repercussions of ocean acidification on the development of larval fish. The experiment was conducted in partnership with Stony Brook Southampton. Ocean acidification, the lowering of seawater pH, is often considered “the other CO2” problem, as it is a direct result of atmospheric CO2. Recently, there has been an increase in the amount of research on this problem as it effects calcifying organisms (clams, oysters, coral). Yet there exists a large hole within this body of research, which explores the impact of ocean acidification on non-calcifying organisms. My study begins to fill this void, as it examines the acidification effect on two species of extremely young fish. We were all taken aback by the drastic results that I found. These results have supported a grant proposal for Stony Brook Southampton which if granted will be redone on a larger scale for publishable results.



Lorenzo Azevedo

Garbage: An Implement of Social Mobility


Mentor: Carleton Schade

Domains: Cultural History, English and Modern Foreign Language

Consultant: Laurie Watson


This August I spent a week in Porto Alegre, Brazil studying the social and economic benefits of recycling in local favelas with an emphasis on Villa Pinto. During my time in Brazil I worked alongside women who separated recyclable materials from garbage, compressed the material into cubes and then sold it to companies for money; all of the garbage being supplied by the government. The most remarkable aspect of this recycling center in particular is that the work force is made up almost entirely of women. Having such a great experience I decided to write a journalistic piece. I learned a lot about writing personal story, such as using imagery and quotes where appropriate. 



Abby Cook

What Was That?


Mentor: Alex Cromwell

Domain: English

Consultants: Kate Hartson and Carleton Schade


What Was That? is a book I created for my Senior Project inspired by all the amazing things that I have heard children say through the years. The way a child’s mind works, is to me, so wonderfully inspiring and there is nothing more magical. On occasion, when children produce answers to life’s many questions, they are so brilliantly fantastic, you will never forget them. I have always admired the way some children’s answers to these questions and decided to organize my collection of quotes into one place. In addition to quotes, in my book you will find commentaries and images. The commentaries are written by myself explaining the true reason for why each of these things happen, while the images were produced by children in order to help to give a visual of what a child is actually imagining when they say the extraordinary things they do.



Cian Costello

A Luthier Experience


Mentor: Hugh McGuinness

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultant: Josh Borsack


For my Senior Project, I constructed a hand made acoustic, steel string guitar. My guitar consists of a solid Sitka Spruce top and Cocobolo back and sides. Through the guitar building process I have learned many new wood-working techniques such as working with chisels and hand sanding. I worked with Josh Borsack a local guitar builder. He taught me step by step the process and skills of building an acoustic guitar. I believe as a musician, building a guitar has given me a better understanding of how the guitar functions and has given me a greater appreciation for the instrument I play.



Camille Coy

delicate mutations


Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultants: Roman Paska and Hal McKusick


My installation piece consists of several handmade books of my artwork and writing, a mural, a large poster of a short story that I wrote, a memory box, and several smaller miscellaneous drawings, paintings and handmade books. The paintings in the larger books were done mostly with watercolor and I used a typewriter for all of the writing besides the poster. All of the sewing except for the binding of the rabbit skull book was done by hand and all of the beading was done one bead at a time, by hand.


Most of my work was done by hand because I wanted my work to be personal and soaked in the energy and time that it took to make it, like the difference between reading an e-mail and holding a letter. I wanted my products to explore essences that cannot be expressed with words. My goal was not only to communicate my own ideas, but also to allow viewers to relate to my work and to find a piece of themselves within it.



Lia Curcio

Untold Stories


Mentor: Shelby Raebeck

Domain: English

Consultant: Kristen Guarino


Untold Stories is a book composed of interviews done with both the documented and undocumented immigrants of the Eastern End of Long Island. I worked on interviewing techniques, such as how to get people to open up, along with learning the editing process. I focused on each individual’s story, their struggles, and how relatable these people’s lives are to other people. Immigration is a major issue being heavily debated in this country, and one I find particularly important in our local community. I decided on a book format because I believe these people have beautiful stories and I wanted to give the opportunity for them to be shared.



Noah Engel



Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara

Domain: Media

Consultant: Micaela Durand


I created and installed a series of multimedia pieces for my Senior Project. I am fascinated by the factor of chance in creation. The universe is a system, which is infinitely complex. I am interested in how we can fathom this infinity with such finite minds. I believe we do this by relating this chaos to pattern. I have created an installation in which I explore this relationship between the individual and the environment around them in terms of the patterns they find. It is my hypothesis that we are each constantly creating our own realities through the patterns we see in this infinitely complex system. Through multiple medias I have recreated my personal experiences, dreams, and relationships to this world. In doing this I am, in turn, encouraging people to see have there own experiences and begin to see the patterns which exist in their realities by revealing the patterns, which are prevalent in mine.



Tina Fan

The Rise of Manga in the Land of the Rising Sun


Mentor: Mami Takeda

Domains: Cultural History and Visual Arts

Consultant: Therese Lichtenstein


I wrote a research paper about Manga (Comics) in Japan. By doing this project, I wanted to explore the cultural values and historical importance of Manga, thus refuting the idea Manga as “junk literature.” There are mainly three parts to my paper: the history of Manga from the 8th century until modern Manga went to war, Manga’s impact on Japanese society, and the influence of Japanese culture on Manga. By doing this project, I learned a lot about the Japanese history, their culture, and read some interesting Manga. I also improved my skills in writing a research paper.



Charlie Forsman

Psychological Surfboard


Mentor: Ned Smyth

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultant: Jim Goldberg


For my Senior Project I shaped, glassed and created a surfboard, with the help of my outside consultant Jim Goldberg. The artwork on the board represents the evolution of the human psyche. I decided to do the art on a surfboard because surfing is passion of mine. The point I am trying to make by these collages is how at some point in our lives a lot of people tend to loose childhood passions. School ends, we look for jobs and start families. Sometimes people just don’t have time anymore for a passion of theirs. Surfing is my passion and it is something I don’t want to forget as my life progresses and this project will always be a reminder of that.



Lyndsey Fridie

Understanding Expression


Mentor: Marty Cooper

Domain: Science

Consultant: Mary Jo Malone


For my Senior Project I wrote the book Understanding Expression. The summer before junior year I volunteered at a special needs camp. I realized that this was not just a summer camp; it was a place where children with special needs could feel “normal”.  I listened to stories about the constant staring, shaking heads, confused looks and taunting from other children these campers had to deal with.  I thought to myself, why did these kids need places where they could feel normal? It was then I decided to do my senior project on children with special needs.


My book focuses on the pervasive developmental disorders of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.  I interviewed a family with an autistic child, observed students at the Charter school and read books and articles on the disorders.  I hope that my book will help educate others about these disorders and remind people to think twice before passing judgment on individuals with special needs.



Juliet Garrett

“(not) a normal girl”


Mentor: Mark Foard

Domains: English and Performing Arts

Consultant: Kate Mueth


My Senior Project is a performance piece exploring the identity of the teenage girl through an experimental theater medium. I wanted to look at the moments of transition from childhood to adulthood and the requisite independence and accountability that entails. As children and young teenagers, we identify ourselves strongly by the relationships we have with other people and, in growing up and leaving home, we are forced to define ourselves increasingly in relationship to ourselves. As a senior in high school about to leave home and go to college, this project is largely self-reflective and uses personal anecdotes, monologues, songs, short films, dances, and scenes to explore this theme. 



Amanda Gong

Ancient Chinese Wedding


Mentor: Jennifer Cross

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultant: Mami Takeda


The Ancient Chinese Wedding is the theme of my Senior Project. I first did research and then constructed 4 dioramas depicting the stages of the ancient Chinese wedding ceremony. I used a variety of materials and design skills to create the figures and settings for each stage. To accompany my display of dioramas, I created written text for labels and created a brochure describing the historical background of the wedding ceremony and the meaning of its rituals.



Patricia Hines



Mentor: James Earle

Domains: Cultural History, English and Performing Arts

Consultant: Elizabeth Skinner


Disputation is the title of my Senior Project. The project was made up of many different parts, which included four scripts, a performance of said scripts, and a debate team. I researched four different debate techniques including Aristotelian, Policy Debate, Robert’s Rule of Order, and Tibetan Debate, and wrote scripted debates based on each technique. I also created a Debate Team and coached it, with James Earle as the advisor. The product was great and I learned a lot from the process and the research I conducted.



Matthew Hollander

Collection of Poetry


Mentor: Shelby Raebeck

Domain: English

Consultant: Scott Chaskey


For my Senior Project I studied the art of poetry in order to advance my skills in the subject and create a book of the poems I wrote during the time of my studies. I read instructive books on poetry, such as The Triggering Town by Richard Hugo, and from this I learned things that I never knew about the strategies and mindset involved in writing poetry. I learned new techniques, new ways to inspire myself, and basically how to write a more professional poem. Throughout this project, I was revealed to the difficulty of having to create story after story, and editing them for hours to create the perfect jewel of a poem.



Carrie Holmes

A Journey Into Expression


Mentor: Christopher Engel

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultant: David Billingham


By assisting in an art therapy department with physically challenged campers, ages 8-18 I experienced a deeper insight into their personalities and views of expression. I had the privilege to work with these special children and document our time together through photography and interviews.

The campers were a delight to work with and excited to be my book subjects. My aim is to show people not to misjudge people by their outer appearance. Even those with the most severe disabilities produced surprisingly insightful expression through their art.  I would like to share these campers’ personalities and true expressions through their artwork in my book.


Faith Humbles

Bug Appétit


Mentor: Hugh McGuinness

Domains: Science and Wellness

Consultant: David Gracer


For my Senior Project, I studied the practice of entomophagy from a cultural and nutritional aspect. I wrote two essays that took a further look into individual cultures and their utilization of insects within daily life and how they are good for one’s well being. I also created dishes in which I used recipes from around the world that integrate insects into their recipes. I was able to display these dishes at a booth outside of the café in order to open the Ross community up to the idea of using insects as a source of food. I got people to think more of insects as flavor and protein as much as any other type of food. Through this project I got to explore and eat many different things that I’ve never expected to eat. In a way it made me feel like a more open person who has a better appreciation for food.



Kayla Jerido

Gospel Roots


Mentor: Adam Judd

Domains: Performing Arts, Cultural History and Fundraising

Consultants: Antoine Charlton, Laquita Wilson and Dr. Carroll Moulton


“Gospel Roots” explores the history of America Gospel roots from old Negro spiritual to present day American Gospel. It includes a paper and a fundraiser, where the choir, Showers of Blessings from Kings Chapel, will perform gospel songs to demonstrate the development of American gospel. I will be fundraising to support the annual tent revival my church runs, which is a unique cultural event within the Southampton community.



Yue (Janice) Jing

Dreams, Reality


Mentor: Alex Cromwell

Domains: English and Media

Consultants: Jason Cole and Kerry Sharkey-Miller


Dreams, Reality is a story mainly about dreams. I tried to portray the boundary between dreams and reality, and special dreams such as predictive dreams, true feeling dreams, and psychic dreams. The writing doesn’t give any definite analysis or conclusions about dreams. It is rather a record of the interior and exterior exploration in narrative of a teenage girl. By the way, the notion that dreams are possibly pivots that connect different worlds and space appear a lot in the story.


I also shot photos associated with the writing. The photos are meant to show fragmentation, change and uncertainty about dreams and reality. When you look at the photos closely, you may not get the whole picture. But when you step farther away, out of the frame and look distantly, every pieces of a puzzle coheres, and a teenage girl's fragmented face appears.



Ashley Jung

Metamorphic: Cucumbers from Pickles


Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller

Domain: Media

Consultant: Therese Lichtenstein


For my Senior Project I created an exhibition of photographs that represent my contemporary, artistic interpretation of the themes depicted in a selection of works by master painters from different periods in art history. The exhibition is accompanied by a hand-printed book that contains the entire series of photographs that I produced on this theme.



Ross Kadri

A General Is A General Is A General


Mentor: Matthew Aldredge

Domain: Cultural History

Consultants: Kenneth Fowler and Kenneth Sacks


A General Is A General Is A General was an investigation of how honor, ethics, morals, generalship, and military science are notated as, in Eastern, Western, Ancient, and Contemporary cultures.  Because a society's culture may differ from one foreign to it, I deduced that; there must too be differences and similarities between military philosophies depending upon the culture under which they are codified, breached, exploited, and/ or fulfilled.  So I decided to read as much as I could (and time would allow) on any military subjects from Spring 2010 to Fall 2010.  I also tried to draw on some former reading that might've been related to the sentiment, and the ebb and flow of my book.  I hope my book is judicious in mentioning relevant events, texts and ideas that although may not exist homogeneously in modern militaries, at least have shaped and influenced modern militaries to a large degree.



Cole Katzter

From Me to U


Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller

Domains: Media and Technology

Consultant: Doretta Goldberg


From Me To U (university) is the first college admissions advice website for students by students. Incorporating videos and text documents that cover the entire admissions process, the website gives the full spectrum to soon to be college students. Since I was relating my triumphs and struggles in the site, users can fully grasp what I said and eventually learn from my experiences. I was applying to colleges at the exact time I made the website so the information I put on the site could not be any more up to date. This site was made as an ongoing project. I will continue on with the site far beyond the project deadline.



Alexandra Kelly

The Feeling of the Train Leaving the Station


Mentor: Mark Foard

Domain: English

Consultant: Beth Rosenberg


For my Senior Project, I wrote a series of essays – some more personal, some less so, but all personal to some degree – exploring from various angles the idea of living on the East End of Long Island. Last year, I moved from Los Angeles, CA, to Shelter Island, NY, on three weeks’ notice, and ever since then, the crazy runaway train ride of my life out here hasn’t stopped for one minute. I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on the ideas that had been rattling around in my brain recently. Incorporating first-person interviews, primary sources, deeply personal introspection, and literary techniques I picked up from writers like David Foster Wallace, John D’Agata, and Matsuo Basho, I wrote a collection of five interconnected essays relating my own experience to the experience of others to create a portrait of life out here.



Lucia Kessler

Cultural Exchange: An ESL Experience


Mentor: Arianne Mayer

Domain: Modern Foreign Language

Consultants: Martha Potter, Meikle Blossom and Rebecca Singer


For my Senior Project I wanted to explore language immersion. This summer, I spent a month living with a family in Costa Rica in order to better understand this process. The book I created, Cultural Exchange, is a book of 7 short lesson plans based on my experiences in various English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. I was able to observe and assist with classes of two different levels of ESL at the Ross School, as well as with an adult ESL class at the John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, under the instruction of my outside consultant. I created lesson plans which promote cultural exchange within the classroom, and each lesson reflects this central theme.           



Lenny Kim

8-Year-Old Romance


Mentor: Adam Judd

Domain: Performing Arts

Consultant: Anita Sorel


Inspired by a past relationship with a girl in elementary school, I wrote a musical based on a true story. The musical shows the conflicts between two best friends trying to get this girl, Sim. The scripts, songs and lyrics are all written by myself, and Adam Judd helped me arrange them.



Alia Knowlan

From There to Here


Mentor: Jennifer Cross

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultant: Ned Smyth


My project is a mixed-media handmade artist book that uses words and images to tell the stories of three foreign-born women living on the East End: an artist who was a hidden child in Holland during the Nazi rule, an Egyptian architect, and a Venezuelan art gallery owner.  From my interviews I produced written material to expresses the stories of my subjects. I used design, editing and bookbinding skills to organize and assemble my writing and artwork to communicate each woman's personal journey. Though this project, I have grown as an artist as well as an interviewer and writer. I plan to continue making books in this style and to create a published version from the handmade copy.



Spencer Kuzon

Better Life Tennis


Mentor: Karin Schroeder

Domains: Fundraising and Wellness

Consultant: John Graham


Better Life Tennis is the name of the subsidiary foundation I set up under the Ross umbrella for my Senior Project. I planned and organized a fundraiser to raise money for this foundation in an attempt to share the game of tennis with underprivileged kids in my local community. The fundraiser went extremely well and we raised around $5000. I am now using this money to host weekly tennis clinics for local underprivileged kids from the East Hampton, Springs, Sag Harbor, Amagansett and Bridgehampton schools.



Devon Leaver

Saving Caroline


Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara

Domain: Media

Consultants: Andrew Nisinson, Adam Judd and Marie Maciak


Saving Caroline is a short film I wrote, produced, casted, directed, edited, and scored for my senior project. In this narrative piece, a 17-year-old boy purchases a journal at a yard sale only to discover that it has already been written in by a girl with a fantastic imagination. As he reads, he is drawn deeper into her fantasy world, until the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.



Henry Lee

Gaze Not At The Boundless Sky


Mentor: James Earle

Domains: Cultural History and English

Consultant: Shelby Raebeck


Gaze Not At The Boundless Sky is a novel I wrote for my Senior Project. I studied the idea of the Collective Unconscious and the art of recreating Greek Mythology through out history. I then decided to write a work of fiction recreating the Greek Myth of Icarus in a contemporary setting after reading Daedalus and Icarus in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. “Gaze Not At The Boundless Sky” is a story about the dynamic between father and son and each other’s roles in society. Through my Senior Project, I came to understand what it is truly like to write a story of substantial length as well as plan, design and create my own unique story.



Jin Haeng Lee

History of the Dow Jones Industrial Average


Mentor: Jennifer Buklad

Domains: Cultural History and Economics

Consultant: Jae Hong Kim


For my Senior Project I studied the history of stock market, especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I delved specifically into why multiple drops in the stock market happened by exploring the history of stock market. The goal of my research paper was to help the readers have better idea about what stock market is after reading my essay. Through my product, I hope to predict what is going to happen to the Korean stock market by studying the recent social issue: The YeonPyong invasion by North Korea.



Charles Lehner

The Infinite Maze


Mentor: Urban Reininger

Domain: Technology

Consultant: Pamela Fox


This is an online collaborative maze. In a traditional maze, the goal of the player is to get from the start to the end. In the Infinite Maze, I have created a start, but no fixed end: When you get to a place where the maze stops, you can start drawing it from there. The maze is in perpetual self-creation.



Emma Lesser

Sos De Acá (You Are From Here)


Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultants: Brian Leaver and Kym Fulmer


In my installation, I attempted to portray the fragmented nature, the familiar haziness and the startling clarity with which we tend to remember events in our lives. This summer, Lucie Kessler and I went to Costa Rica to participate in a home stay program at the Costa Rican Language Academy. We explored many parts of Costa Rica and I documented my daily experiences with photos, writing, and sketches. My installation focuses on the concept of memory, using my trip to Costa Rica as its subject. From photos, writing, sketches, and anything else I could recollect, I tried to physically express my memories of the month I spent there.



Julian Mardoyan-Smyth

Phantoms of the Past- A Counterfactual History of Cuba


Mentor: Carrie Clark

Domain: Cultural History

Consultant: James Earle


My Senior Project focused on highlighting Fidel Castro’s influence on world history through a series of Counterfactual essays and doctored images. I choose this project because I felt that it would allow me to learn an enormous amount of history, and to also create a product that harnessed my imagination. As the project developed I realized that the rules and parameters of Counterfactual Histories were much stricter than I had hoped. However I worked through these difficulties and was able to create a project that I am proud of and displays the uses of Counterfactual Histories.



Macrae Marran

The Writer and the Pianist and Other Stories


Mentor: Alexandra Cromwell

Domain: English

Consultant: Richard Dunn


The Writer and the Pianist and Other Stories is a collection of short stories of various lengths. I wrote them with the intention of pursuing my interest in writing and furthering my ability to compose and edit. I feel that I have been successful in these pursuits and that I have delved into the improvement of the themes in my writing. I did not choose one theme about which to write with the intention of exploring vastly different themes.



Lucas Merat

Existence: The Self, The Other, and Me


Mentor: Kenneth Sacks

Domains: Cultural History and English

Consultant: Shelby Raebeck


The Self, The Other, and Me is a series of essays highlighting the journey of human existence. The first of the three essays, "The Self," is a research-based essay that focuses on two prominent existential philosophers, Jean-Paul Sartre and SŅren Kierkegaard. It explains in detail the two philosophers ideology on the self, including the process of forming the self, common issues one can come across in forming the self, and finally, how these issues can be avoided to form an authentic self. The second of the three essays labeled, "The Other” closely examines Sartre's No Exit and uses his philosophy of the relation of the self to the Other in order to gain a better understanding of the effects Others have on the existence of the self. Finally, the last essay, "Me" takes the reader along my own personal existential journey and in a poetic writing style, gives my take on existentialism. 



Sebastian Oppenheim

Sebastian’s African Well Water Project


Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller

Domains: Fundraising, Media and Technology

Consultant: Brian L. Cohen


My project was created to raise awareness through documentary, delivered in a series of webisodic broadcasts and support fundraising activity that will be channeled through an existing non-profit specializing in building wells in developing nations. Webisodes are short 2-3 minute clips of a streaming video. Each of them relates to a water problem or a particular aspect of water in our life. Ultimately my project will culminate in a documented trip to Africa to build a water well.



Hank Oppenheimer



Mentor: Patty Lein

Domains: Science and Technology

Consultants: Carol Crasson and Urban Reininger


The idea for my senior project was inspired by Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods, where he presented a new problem facing today's youth: Nature Deficit Disorder. With nature rapidly being depleted as a whole, it is imperative that youth today grow up with a greater sense of an attachment to and responsibility for the natural world. An investment in nature is needed for all generations of children if the natural world is to continue to be sustainable for humans. Children who feel connected to the natural community develop a greater sense of stewardship for and awareness of the millions of wildlife species and habitats being destroyed by human actions. I hope to help bridge the gap between nature and children by creating a family friendly multi-media trail guide for the iPhone and the Web. This tool will feature information about several East End trails:  the natural history of the area, interesting discoveries that can be made and key opportunities for interacting with nature on a first-hand basis.  The goal of my project is to use these virtual tools as a way of enticing families to put on their jackets and venture out into the wilderness.  Experiencing the beauty of these environments will help children find and create a lasting relationship with nature.



Yariany Perez

In Search of A Hidden World: The Kogi


Mentor: Claudia Travers

Domains: Cultural History and English

Consultant: Kenneth Sacks


In Search of A Hidden World: The Kogi, is a book written for young adults between the ages of 12 through 15 that gives an insight into the culture and philosophy of the native Colombian tribe, the Kogi. Subject matter within the book covers topics such as women and children, Kogi philosophy, education, and their daily lives. The reason for which I decided to author this book was because of my personal experience with the Kogi. Over the summer, I had trekked up the Sierra Nevada mountains with my father and lived in the same environment that they live in to this date. This book is aimed to show awareness of Kogi culture and the way I view their society in relation to urbanized civilizations.



Brandon Pettaway

Kicks 4 Kids


Mentor: Garrett Cutler

Domain: Fundraising

Consultants: Mark Crandell and Maureen Pettaway


Kicks 4 Kids is a fundraiser that I organized for my Senior Project. During my sophomore year in high school I joined a school trip to Tanzania, Africa that allowed me to help children and rebuild their local schools.  Working with children had an impact on my life and helped me to realize that my Senior Project could not be anything other than helping children. For my senior project, I organized a three-on-three basketball tournament as a fundraiser to benefit children in Africa who cannot afford to buy athletic shoes. Working with an organization called “Hoops 4 Hope”, we sent money and sneakers to several villages in Zimbabwe. The reason I chose to work with “Hoops 4 Hope” is because not only do I have a love for basketball, but also for helping others in need. I have been playing basketball since I was three years old and since then it has been a passion of mine. This project was challenging for me and it showed the challenges that others face in their lives. In Africa, there are major problems to face such as excessive crime, and infectious disease, such as HIV/AIDS. The main purpose for the non-profit organization “Hoops 4 Hope” is to educate the children of Africa and guide them to live their lives with responsibility.



Shanna Polley

Evolution of Personal Genre (Into the Depths of Recorded Music)


Mentor: Kenneth Sacks

Domain: Performing Arts

Consultant: Kevin Teare


This Senior Project was initially a project solely devoted to recording compositions that I had already written. However, through recording entirely in a homemade studio located in the unused sauna in my house, I was able to gain an exceptional grasp on the process of recording techniques, producing, and recording technology. Because I had acquired the technological background to produce the songs on my own, and because the recording process was so private, I was able to feel comfortable experimenting with certain sounds and genres for as long as I wished.  Consequently, this series of songs is not one genre; rather it encompasses a variety of styles that I have worked with while growing up. Though the songs are diverse, there is an essence of each composition that allows for this CD to be conceptual and coherent. Through this project, I have realized how much more inspiring and progressive it is for a musician to record his or her own music, and how vital the digital recording process may be in aiding musical creativity.



Ben Potter



Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara

Domain: Media

Consultant: Marie Maciak


Adrift is a short video art piece I created for my Senior Project. The footage in the piece was all shot by me on a Canon HD video camera, with the exception of some shots, which are found footage from the Internet. The concept behind the piece is to portray the relationship between the natural world and man’s impact on it. The human race has over the course of its existence caused only harm to the planet, and this video-art piece brings to light some of those harmful things. Also in the piece, and serving as a median between the two themes, is footage of surfing. The surfing serves to show low-impact activity that does not harm the world, and instead comes in harmony with it.



Roberto Rossellini

The Deep Blue Sea and Its Wonderful Creatures


Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domains: Media and Science

Consultant: Patty Lein


My film, The Deep Blue Sea and Its Wonderful Creatures, was a very fun film to create. I used a Nikon camera, i-movie, and SonyVegas Pro 9 to create this film. I also used construction to create small sets. Most of my creations were made of cardboard and construction paper. I focused on marine biology eco-systems, and the animals that live within a coral reef. I learned a lot by doing this film: editing, sewing, how to write my own script, and how to construct some fun props. Although I had a lot of fun with this project I did have some obstacles like everyone else, but overall it was an amazing experience and I plan on creating more short films in the future.



Sara Salaway



Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domain: Media

Consultant: Gerald Slota


The “project” is an abstract narrative about the unicorn as a metaphor of fleeting hope and desire. Throughout my project I created imagery that represented the darker side of my emotional connection to desire. In many of the images sexual tension was juxtaposed against alluring backgrounds. The over arching theme was the chase to catch to the unicorn.



Daria Schieferstein

Dear you, This whole book is about you.


Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domains: Media and English

Consultant: Leo Calleja


In this book I combined my photography and creative writing to create a multimedia fine arts book.  In my writing I explored the topic of "the ambiguity of the You and the I" and created photography that created a narrative with a context to the images and text.



Ricky Schlussel

Judgment Day


Mentor: Clare Wolfe

Domain: English

Consultant: Alexandra Cromwell


Judgment Day is a series of horror short stories made to be uniquely scary. The stories were all written and created out of my head, thus making the genre fiction. The stories are not for the faint of heart, as some (most) contain gory scenes and obscene language. The stories are not connected to one another, and range from one man’s plane flight going horribly wrong to two kids going pumpkin smashing on Halloween night.  



Yichen (Stacey) Shao

A Weave of Contemporary With Traditional: A Hutong Interior


Mentor: Ned Smyth

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultants: Amanda Kyser and Jennifer Cross


During China’s dynasty period, there are a lot of Hutong surrounded Beijing. Hutong is the name of traditional Chinese narrow streets. However, following the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, a lot of Hutong were disappeared. For my Senior Project, I used a traditional Hutong house layout with courtyard and separate living spaces for different uses as my original model and re-designed every single piece of the whole house. I mainly focused on how to connect traditional and modern design together in my work and this turned out to be an interesting problem to balance. I have had to learn about architecture, and how to make architectural drawings.  I have also had to clarify my personal likes and dislikes into a professional interior design look. I enjoyed putting ideas together and seeing how they made an integrated whole. Interior design is not only about ideas of space and furniture; but it also requires patience and courage.



Daniel Shin

Unification of Two Koreas? Korean Peninsula: “The Two Koreas” (Part II)


Mentor: Carrie Clark

Domain: Cultural History

Consultant: Mami Takeda


South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak has publicly mentioned the term "re-unification" many times since his inauguration in 2008. In fact, the President states that "Reunification is drawing near" on the presidential website. Also, Wikileaks has revealed that Chinese officials say that "Beijing 'would be comfortable with the reunified Korea controlled by Seoul and anchored to the U.S. in the 'benign alliance' as long as Korea was not hostile towards China.'" Is re-unification of the Korean Peninsula possible? If so, when? How? Why? In my essay, I have illustrated the contemporary background information of the conflict between the two Koreas as well as possible unification scenarios. (



Kisu Shin

Protein Crystallization


Mentor: Carleton Schade

Domain: Science

Consultant: Professor Sunhaeng Lee


For my Senior Project, I worked at a Lab on Protein Crystallization and I wrote an essay on it. The lab experience gave me a good sense of idea on what research truly means. Lab work is made up of 99% failure and 1% success. I tried my best to write my essay so that anybody could read the essay and understand what my work is about. As I was writing this essay I learned more about the molecular biology, DNA, and Protein.



Richard Sipala

Fitness & Nutrition for Tennis


Mentor: Jim Smith

Domain: Wellness

Consultant: Jimmy “Uncle Big” Christie


Fitness & Nutrition for Tennis is a book I have written to describe the best ways to get in shape and maximize your tennis potential. It contains information on the best ways to eat, and describes what types of foods do what to your body. It talks about the importance of working out and gives photo demonstrations of proper technique in the gym so that you can get right to work on getting in shape. Fitness & Nutrition for Tennis is a great guideline for tennis players to look at to guide them to a more successful career.



Floriaan van der Knapp

Netherlands, Travels in the Lowlands


Mentor: Lisa DelFavero

Domains: English and Media

Consultant: Vanessa Sellers


Netherlands is a book about the history of that country, as well as a narrative of my time spent there last summer. I combine both aspects, as well as a good number of photographs and newspaper clippings, to paint a picture of both historical and modern aspects of the Netherlands. The twelve provinces of the Netherlands (not thirteen as some books would have you believe) are organized into four groups, by a combination of culture and geographic location. Hopefully the book will shed some light into the rainy world of the lowlands!



Jack Van Deventer

Traditional Green Architecture


Mentor: Ned Smyth

Domains: Science, Technology and Visual Arts

Consultant: John Rocchetta


My product, essentially, was incorporating green technology into a traditional home. The trick was to disguise the technologies well, and have them still perform optimally. I hoped that house would maintain sufficient power intake from use of proper materials, while still staying trying to utilize the elegance of the traditional style. With the knowledge I had learned from this research, I then finalized the plan in a 3D computer model to add a sense of depth to allow the viewer to fully understand the design.



D’Ashley Wilson

PSA for PCA (Public Service Announcement for Prostate Cancer Awareness)


Mentor: Karin Schroeder

Domain: Fundraising

Consultant: Hailey London


For my Senior Project I chose to organize a fundraiser to help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. All the funds that were raised at the event and outside of the event have gone directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I chose to do a fundraiser because in June of 2004 my father Byron Heath Wilson passed away from this disease. I set up an online donation page through an organization called Crowdrise that allowed me to connect to the PCF directly. At my event all of the food that was served was beneficial to the health of the prostate, and there were menus and mini cookbooks given out so people could make the food at home! The event took place on November 4, 2010 from 5pm - 8pm at the East Hampton Boathouse. It was really important to me to put Prostate Cancer “on the map” so to speak because not many people are aware of the disease, and the severity of it if the disease progresses oftentimes unnoticed.



Joyce Wang

My Own Brand - Eve


Mentor: Urban Reininger

Domains: Technology, Media and Visual Arts

Consultant: Jennifer Cross


For my Senior Project, I designed my own brand, Eve. Eve is also the name of a cartoon character, which is the logo of my brand. The brand was created for young girls so that they can buy a lot of pretty accessories from my website. I took a lot of pictures of my products, and I focused on web design. I learned a lot about drawing through illustrator, fixing pictures through photoshop, and using iweb to create a website. I also learned to write a good business plan for my brand. I am hoping to actually can sell my products online in the near future!



Shu Wu

Song of the Sunny Spot


Mentor: Jennifer Cross

Domain: Visual Arts

Consultants: Therese Lichtenstein and Sue Heatley


For my senior project, I created an installation and a graphic novel based on the short story, "Song of the Sunny Spot", written by Japanese writer Otsuichi.  The story intrigued me with its simple language and the delicate way the story had been told.  The sensibilities and appreciation towards the world also made me sense the deep meaning of death.  Everyone is afraid of death, but would you rather not have ever existed?  Appreciating life is such a wonderful thing to do, though we all have to learn how to deal with death.  What would you do if you know you are going to die in a few weeks?  I wish this experience of my installation can make people rethink about their lives and find meanings for themselves



Beom Joo Yu

My Little Music Sketchbook


Mentor: Maureen Isbister

Domain: Performing Arts

Consultant: Margaret Bodkin


My project consisted of two parts: a live music performance and a paper. I performed cello music of various genres, such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic and modern music. Composers of these periods include Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph Haydn, Charles-Camille Saint-Saens, Gabriel Urbain Faure, and Ennio Morricone. I focused mainly on different periods in music history and the stylistic similarities and differences among them. Moreover, I did research on the aforementioned composers and their music pieces that I will be playing.



Jingbo Yu

Global Environmental Issues – The Endangered Earth


Mentor: Gary Skellington

Domains: Mathematics and Science

Consultant: Carleton Schade


In order to complete this project, I broke it into two parts: statistics and writing. In the statistical part, I first collected data about environmental and social issues from multiple sources. Then I created historical graphs from this data by doing calculations and testing. After that I converted these historical graphs into prediction graphs. For the second part, I wrote about current environmental and social issues, such as global warming and population growth. For each issue I incorporated my historical and prediction graphs. Then I analyzed and explained each graph, forecasting what may happen in the year of 2030. My goal is to try and get society's attention focused on these multiple issues, and to start saving our Earth.



Yixin (Angela) Zhou

Chopin: The Poet of the Piano


Mentor: Clarissa Schneider

Domain: Performing Arts

Consultant: Damon Ferrante


My Senior Project is a piano recital consisting of different types of compositions from “the poet of the piano”, Chopin, and a paper explaining and analyzing the musicology of Chopin’s works. Chopin is one of the most represented composers and pianists of the Romantic Period and also my favorite pianist ever. This year is the 100th anniversary of Chopin’s death so this recital is designed for more people to get to know and like Chopin. Throughout the Senior Project, I learned many techniques and skills required for the compositions. I also gained more knowledge about the history of the Romantic period, the biography of Chopin, research skills, documentation skills and expressive devices required for my piano repertoire.