Senior Projects


The Senior Project is the culmination of a student’s learning experience at Ross School. Students embody their passions through a process and product that integrates such Ross School principles as multiple intelligences, cultural/historical context, personal reflection, application of technology and pursuit of excellence. Its main components are the Process Folio, the Final Product and the Presentation. Acting as facilitator, teacher, advisor, editor, critic and advocate, the relationship between the student and the Senior Project mentor is critical to the evolution and realization of the project. At the conclusion of the Senior Project, students should have deeper insight into themselves as learners and producers.

Hayden Aldredge


Mentor: Mark Foard Domain: English Faculty: James Earle
I wrote a novella focusing on the themes of coming of age as a teenager in suburban America for my Senior Project. I wished to capture the feelings that I, and many of my peers, experience during this time in our lives. I looked at a number of writers, from John Updike to Bryan Charles, and examined how to write an effective story, construct subtext and develop themes. The story is based in a fictional town with many similarities to the Hamptons. It focuses on two teenagers, Tom and Mary, who are adrift in their affluent world, each looking for some unknown thing. Their paths cross, and a bond is created. But, like two trains passing each other in the night, Tom and Mary can never truly come together because their destinations differ. It is a story of love, between family members and the opposite sex, and of being adrift in a constantly moving world with seemingly no way to set a course.

Christin Aucapina


Mentor: Alexis Martino
Domain: Media
Faculty: Kenneth Sacks

Aware is a magazine that endorses the concept of empathy through various stories. I spend most of my time volunteering for local and abroad causes. When it came to choosing a subject for the magazine I decided to go with what I know and turn it into a learning experience by introducing new stories. Some of the stories relate to humans, animals and the environment. I hope the viewer will see that some of the basics in our everyday life can be altered to ameliorate the lives of others through direct and indirect manners.

Catherine Bartlett

The Traditional American Trades of Being a Cowboy or a Fisherman

Mentor: Alexis Martino
Domain: Media
Faculty: Heather D’Agnostino
My Senior Project is a photo essay that focuses on the modern cowboy of Wyoming and the fishermen of Montauk. I traveled to Wyoming this past summer to spend time on a ranch and capture the essence of a classic American trade that is commonly forgotten. In the fall, I went onto a commercial fishing boat to try and achieve the same kind of experience firsthand. Both of these professions
use the earth to make a living and have slowly declined over the years due to
Industrialization and Modernization. I created an in-depth photo essay illustrating these two amazing occupations, which are very different but have common roots.


Emma Betuel

Jazz as a Vehicle for Social Change

Mentor: James Earle
Domain: History
Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein
Consultant: Hal McKusick
My Senior Project is an in-depth research paper examining Jazz as a vehicle for social change. By closely examining the cultural contexts in which jazz became popular music (roughly the 1930s through the early 60s) as well as the unwritten, improvised solos played by famous musicians, my paper explores how the ideas of individuality and musical creativity affected a world in the grasp of totalitarianism, economic strife, racism and total war. In addition to my paper, I also transcribed improvised solos played by jazz musicians of several cultural backgrounds in order to examine how jazz developed as an art form, and understand how musicians in different cultural contexts expressed their ideas through the jazz medium.

Tina Bozsik

Time’s Fool

Mentor: James Earle Domains: English, Visual Arts Faculty: Carleton Schade Consultant: Patton Miller
I took my passion for Shakespeare’s works and applied it to mediums of artistic expression for my Senior Project. I interpreted The Tempest and expressed
these interpretations through drawings and creative storytelling. My drawings are
meant to accompany my words and further create a visual understanding of my story. Through the art of midrashing, I obstructed the narrative of The Tempest and created a completely unique story told from the perspective of Ariel.

Samantha Busiello

Technology + Humans = Art

Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Linda Hanrahan
For my Senior Project I curated an art exhibition that featured works by six contemporary artists. The artwork I chose displayed how technology affects humans. The works involved many different types of mediums, including oil paint, watercolor and acrylic. All of the artists were from very different backgrounds— from Victoria de Lesseps who is 16 years old to Gustavo Bonevardi who is 51 years old. After the construction of Sam L. Sam art gallery, I took an additional step and created a catalog that documents the art exhibition. Other artists in the show included Darius Yektai, Mattisse Patterson and David Krase.


Anika Cannon

Ruptured Wings

Mentor: Gerard Doyle Domain: Performing Arts Faculty: Linda Hanrahan
I focused on theater for my Senior Project because acting is a passion of mine. My ultimate goal was to create an intriguing monologue and perform it. I included the subject of domestic violence and drug abuse and hope to raise awareness of these issues through the content that is included in my original monologue.

Liam Chaskey

Feeling Surfing Abstractly

Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein
Domain: Visual Arts
Faculty: Ned Smyth
Having been born and raised in the Hamptons, I had no choice but to develop a love for nature, specifically the ocean. Due to this love, I chose to base my Senior Project on the ocean and surfing. I produced over 20 poems and 10 abstract paintings to represent my love for nature. I wanted to show viewers my strong connection to the ocean.

Olivia Combemale

Beneath The Surface

Mentor: Carrie Clark
Domains: Cultural History, Media
Faculty: Kenneth Sacks
Consultants: Kerry Sharkey-Miller, Kenneth Sacks
I created a book for my Senior Project, featuring a collection of eight short
poems, which are, in essence, case studies that demonstrate my interpretation of one of Sigmund Freud’s defense mechanisms. I illustrated each story with photographs I took to create a connection between the reader and subject of the story. Additionally, I wrote a comprehensive essay on Freud’s life and influential theories, which I placed at the end of the book. In the essay, the concept of defense mechanisms is fully explained, accompanied by a description of each one.

Oliver Culver

The Green Life

Mentor: Urban Reininger Domains: Visual Art, Science Faculty: Ned Smyth
Consultants: Ned Smyth, Alex Stivala
For my Senior Project, I designed two houses virtually, using the program
SketchUp, and then created the floor plans for each of them. I contacted a


“green” specialist to find out what type of green technology I would need to power the houses. I have always had an interest in architecture but never knew how to pursue an actual project. In the fall of senior year, I took an architecture class
with Ned Smyth. My goal for this project was to try and focus society's attention on green design, and to start trying to save our planet, as well as to get an idea of what it would be like if I were to pursue this career in the future.

Lei Ding

A School Store

Mentor: Marty Cooper Domains: Business, Math Faculty: Jody Heneveld Consultant: Liz Dobbs
For my Senior Project, I planned to open a school store. During the process, I had to find an appropriate space, research my market to find out what items would be popular in the store, find a company from which to import goods, keep inventory and set up an appropriate accounting program. I also had to advertise the store to attract people to come, decide what sales strategy to use, find employees for the store and figure out how to keep the money safe. The product of my project resulted in a business proposal, which will be reviewed for viability at Ross School.

Justine Friedrich


Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Ned Smyth
For my Senior Project, I created a series of multi-media works inspired by the philosopher William James' writings on stream of thought. I worked in drawing, painting, photography and collage. To accompany my body of artwork, I created a visual journal that chronologically records my subconscious drawings and writings, which led to the development of my personal artistic style. I believe that through my creative process, my art has evolved with me, creating awareness within myself. Through my reading, writing, art production and final installation, this project has been a journey of self-exploration and a process of personal discovery.

Suna Garcia-Guzman


Mentor: Carrie Clark
Domains: Cultural History, Media
Faculty: Kenneth Sacks
For my Senior Project, I focused on women in various situations, particularly oppressive ones. I created a series of recorded monologues, accompanied by original interpretive drawings based on my research of global women’s issues. I
was inspired by two stories: the first is by my mother who told me she taught my


grandmother how to write her own name. My grandmother wasn’t allowed to go to school as a child and had never learned to read or write. The second is from the news about a 12-year-old Yemeni girl who died from internal bleeding caused by sexual intercourse, three days after being married to a man significantly older than her. From all of the stories that I have read or heard concerning women in oppressive and/or fatal situations, these two resonated with me.

Nick Grille

How Music Influenced Culture

Mentor: Marty Cooper
Domains: Cultural History, Media, Technology, Performing Arts
Faculty: Gary Skellington
I looked at how culture has affected music and how music has affected culture for my Senior Project. For my final project, I built an interactive website that demonstrates the changes in society brought about through music.

Ajiah Jones

Where Does Poetry Hide?

Mentor: Ria Maxwell
Domain: English
Faculty: Christopher Engel
For my Senior Project, I combined my love of writing and working with children
by creating a constructive writing workshop for third grade students. I was able to create an environment for students who wished to express themselves through different types of artistic techniques, such as writing and photography. Through teaching eight year olds different types of artistic and literary techniques, I was able to better understand my craft of writing and poetry. The poetry concentrated on using the five senses. Each session was built around a particular sense, and we were able to find many of the places where poetry hides.

Zeb Jowers

Zeb Eats R.O.S.S.

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara Domain: Media, Wellness Faculty: Karin Schroeder
Attending Ross School and living on the East End has enlightened and inspired me in the realm of regional, organic, seasonal and sustainable food. We are surrounded by organic farm stands, local farms and farmers markets, which are thriving and offering some of the most exquisite produce and seafood available. Popular cooking shows on TV have also inspired me and led me to work on writing, editing and producing my own cooking show, “Zeb Eats R.O.S.S.”


Paulina Keszler


Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Kenneth Sacks
I curated an art show of self-portraits for my Senior Project. The show included work from Ross School faculty and students, as well as campers from the Southampton Fresh Air Home. I took this project as an opportunity to look into the idea of the self through many different lenses, such as science, philosophy and visual arts.

Jessica Kim

The Special Bond Between Humans and Animals

Mentor: Carleton Schade
Domain: Science
Faculty: Patricia Lein
My Senior Project explores the therapeutic effects of dogs on people with physical and/or mental disabilities and the psychology—inferred from behavior— of the dogs during this process. In a series of 10 therapy sessions, this field study simultaneously explores human and animal behaviors as a way to begin an understanding of their mutualistic relationship. Previous research has focused on the therapeutic effects on humans, but there has been little attention devoted to the dogs’ experiences during the process. The project might serve as a first step in rectifying this oversight. The final product is a poster that describes my field research.

Ji Eun Kim

Ancient Palaces and Textiles

Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Art Faculty: Mami Takeda
I focused on creating textile designs, inspired by the ornamental paintings of traditional Korean buildings, especially palaces and temples, for my Senior Project. Using collage, monotype, silk-screening, dyeing techniques and sewn appliques, I developed a color palette based on traditional Korean color combination and created my own designs. I combined this traditional Korean aesthetic with a modern global sensibility to show my interpretation of ancient
Korean cultures.


Rose Kouzoujian


Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Media Faculty: Crystal Brim
For my Senior Project, I created a photo essay that is loosely based on the Jewish folk tale of Lilith. Lilith was Adam’s first wife in Judaism, and they were created from the same dust. The main theme of my photo essay expresses the struggle and desire for power. In this myth, Lilith is demonized for her desire to be equal. Through my interpretation and twists and turns of the story, I lead the viewer to see Lilith as a powerful, positive, female icon.

Sang Jun Michael Lee

Democratic Republic of Congo: Reaching Out for Help and Attention

Mentor: Todd French
Domain: Cultural History
My Senior Project involves research on the atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the effort to increase global awareness of this conflict. I delve into the budget allowances for organizations included in the rehabilitation of the DRC as well as the degree of public attention indicated by the number of news reports and articles on the Internet compared to those of other events around the world. My interest in this subject began when I interned at H.E.L.P. Malawi in the summer of 2011.

Lucy Loewenberg


Mentor: Ned Smyth
Domain: Visual Arts
Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein
17 is an instillation based off the ideas of the Dada movement, the later surrealist movement and dreamscapes. Inspired by such artists as Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Salle, Gerhard Richter, and even the Swiss painter Alberto Giacometti, for my Senior Project I created a unique and original body of work—a series of paintings, drawings and stream of consciousness writings.

Hao Mao (Vince)

Frozen Music: Architecture

Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller
Domain: Media
Faculty: Kenneth Kilfara
Not only are architectural structures the protagonists of our daily life, and shelter from the outside world, but they also have so firmly embedded themselves in our


values that we have a fervent attachment towards them. For my Senior Project I
photographed various architectural styles and made a portfolio on architecture.

Noah McAskill

Seasonal Changes in a Salt Marsh

Mentor: Patricia Lein Domain: Science Faculty: Ned Smyth
I wrote a children’s book for my Senior Project, showing the changes that occur from fall to winter within a salt marsh. Through field studies, I observed and documented the seasonal changes of a local salt marsh. As well, I consulted digital resources and reference books. I then compiled this data to construct the story line for my book, which is aimed at helping young readers appreciate how magical this change process is. I drew 30 different organisms typically found in the salt marsh. I used 18 of these drawings in my book and added information about their role in the salt marsh and how they prepare for the onset of winter.

Lillian McCarthy

The Living Dead

Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Art Faculty: Gary Skellington
Consultant: Larry Vielhauer
I explored a new art form for my Senior Project. Last summer, I journeyed to the town of Ogdensburg in upstate New York where I attended the Northeast School of Taxidermy. There I learned how to prepare, skin and mount the skins of dead animals. I spent two weeks and over 100 hours working alongside well-known taxidermist Larry Vielhauer. Using the knowledge and skills I acquired, and with the help of my mentor Ned Smyth, I created an exhibition displaying three taxidermy mounts of my own creation, as well as the detailed process that went into creating them.

Nicolaus Nagel

Green Home Containers

Mentor: Ned Smyth
Domains: Visual Arts, Science
Faculty: Todd French
I focused my Senior Project on green architecture. I designed a 3D model of a sustainable house, with the computer program Vector Works, using several different green technologies, such as solar panels and passive solar. I chose shipping containers as my building material, because I thought it was interesting to explore what one can do with such simple shapes.


Chela Tree Novak

Underneath the Highway

Mentor: Kenneth Sacks Domain: Performing Arts Faculty: Alex Cromwell Consultant: Will Chandler

Underneath The Highway is a series of written works focusing on how teenagers in the Hamptons are impacted in the way they live, play, work and think depending on which side of the economic scale they are on. All of the works are based on a personal reflection about how the mind frame that stems from the stereotypes of this disparity have directly impacted my life.

Akiode Odunton

Bridges: How Do They Work?

Mentor: Matt Cauchy Domain: Science Faculty: Jennifer Cross
I studied the engineering process behind building a bridge for my Senior Project. I built a model bridge out of basswood and through this process I learned the modeling, fabrication and prototyping skills required to construct a bridge. My Senior Project also allowed me to learn a few engineering basics, the difficulties civil engineers must encounter when developing structures and, most importantly, how bridges actually work.

Felipe Reis


Mentor: Carleton Schade Domains: Media, Wellness Faculty: James Earle
For my Senior Project I worked with children at the Ross School Tennis Center and the Day Care Center in East Hampton. Through this work, I wanted to give children an opportunity to play games, exercise, have fun and improve their motor skills in different sports. I also organized a fundraiser for Wings Over Haiti and the Day Care Center. Finally, I built a website where viewers could learn about athletic drills for children and be informed about upcoming charity events.

Lucy Reyer

Facing Greece

Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Shelby Raebeck
My Senior Project features a series of portraits that tell the stories of four Greek citizens who are impacted by the current tumultuous economic crisis in that country. I went to Greece last summer and conducted interviews in Athens,


Rhodes and Crete. I asked each person how the economy in Greece affected them and they gave me very different points of view. I then painted four oil-on- canvas portraits, trying to capture in their faces the mood of how the crisis was affecting them. I also used etching to make additional portraits of each person. Finally, I created an installation, which consisted of the paintings, prints, a hand- painted map of Greece, and an edited video of the interviews.

Emily Rhodes


Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller
Domain: Media
Faculty: Kenneth Sacks
For my Senior Project I depicted fairytales with a focus on Gaelic stories that have been told for centuries. I first did research on various tales and then recorded those I found before creating a visual representation of them through photography. I depicted five stories using a special lens called the “Dreamy Diana” and then using Photoshop, I edited each one of my photos in order to enhance this dreamy effect before printing on various sized paper. I also created written representations of the stories to accompany the images displayed.

Isabella Rowe


Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domains: Visual Arts, English Faculty: Jessica Heaney Consultant: Jennifer Cross
My Senior Project focuses on self-portraiture through a series of photographs and writings placed in my handmade book. By thematically linking photography, writing and bookmaking in an evocative and suggestive way, I communicate to the viewer/reader a story about my subjective experience of particular places that are meaningful to me. Through the association of images and words that stray from overt expression and specific interpretation, I also invite the viewer to experience this book as their own private window onto a view that is unfamiliar.

Max Rowen

The Glass Blown House

Mentor: Matt Aldredge Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Ned Smyth
Consultants: Ned Smyth, Maziar Behrooz
I designed a modern addition to a local house in East Hampton for my Senior Project. My goal was to take the old carriage house that existed and produce a strikingly unique, new modern addition. To do this, I formed a fictional family, in which a husband and wife are glassblowers with two adolescent children. I included an extensive glassblowing studio in the house and integrated the
process and product of glassblowing into the design of the house. I wanted to


utilize my own style of design in conjunction with modern techniques to make a distinctive modern house. For my product, I created a hand drawn floor plan, multiple exterior elevations and a 3D model of the house.

Thomas Ruckert


Mentor: Patricia Lein Domain: Science Faculty: Alexis Martino
For my Senior Project, I accompanied a veterinarian on his rounds, documenting his casework. Essentially, I captured the excitement and challenges of veterinarian fieldwork. My product is an annotated case study journal. This journal includes information about the patients: animal species, presenting symptoms, firsthand treatment, possible second-hand treatment, photographs and recovery. I also attended several operations. These experiences are
documented through essays and video, which accompany my case study journal.
This project was motivated by my love for animals as well as the time I have invested in learning about animal care as a pet owner (on our gentleman’s farm).

Billy Schutt

Nitrogen Pollution: A Danger To Long Island Waters

Mentor: Hugh McGuinness
Domain: Science
Faculty: Patricia Lein
Consultants: Chris Gobler, Ryan Wallace
My Senior Project focuses on the consequences of nitrogen pollution on the marine environment. Over the summer, I conducted research on the effects of a sewage treatment plant on the surrounding water bodies as part of an ongoing project at SUNY Stony Brook at Southampton. The excess nitrogen flowing from the treatment plant causes an ecological phenomenon known as eutrophication, which severely affects local waters and their fisheries. Using my research at Hewlett Bay as a case study, I wrote a report explaining the serious threat nitrogen pollution poses to Suffolk County’s marine environments in order to increase public awareness and understanding of the issue.

Dylan Stilin

Lasting Change: Health and Fitness Improvement Guide

Mentor: Garrett Cutler Domain: Wellness Faculty: Patricia Lein
Consultant: Chimene Visser
For my Senior Project I combined research with my own experiences to create a guide that teaches readers how to make lasting changes that improve their health and fitness. While this guide does not prescribe a specific diet or exercise plan, it provides all of the elements and guidelines people need to create a plan
that will allow them to reach their own personal goals.


Ben Strauss

History Of Graffiti

Mentor: Todd French Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Lisa Gillespie
For my Senior Project I am telling the story of the history of graffiti from Banksy’s point of view as well as from other artists’ points of view. I will create a website that describes and documents Banksy’s graffiti from its inception to present time. My hope is that the viewer comes away with new insight into the life or artistic element of graffiti.

April Sygman

Un Poco De Ayuda

Mentor: Jessica Heaney
Domains: Visual Arts, Learning and Health Services
Faculty: Kenneth Sacks
For my Senior Project, I spent two weeks last summer in Nicaragua. I worked with 10 to 20 underprivileged children at an after-school art program called "Una Escuelita." I taught English, played sports and created works of art with them. I documented this experience with over 2,000 photographs and very detailed journal entries. Being able to work with these incredible children was a privilege and an amazing learning experience. Traveling there, I brought a large duffel bag filled with backpacks, toys, cards, art supplies, toothbrushes and floss. Following my return, I worked on fundraising for the organization through various means.

Maximilian Tabet

Being the Blind Beggar

Mentor: Kenneth Sacks
Domains: Cultural History, Performing Arts
Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein
My Senior Project allowed me to explore and understand religion. I liken myself to the blind beggar at Medina who blasphemed Muhammad until he realized it was Muhammad who had been feeding him. I spent three months reading the Qur’an, Torah and Bible, while observing Islam, Judaism and Christianity for one month each. Some of my practices involved prayer, following ancient dietary and societal laws, celebrating the Sabbath, and attending mass. I also conducted interviews with religious leaders. My final product was a one-man show, in which
I recounted my experience, told spiritual stories, and recited performance poetry.


Isabelle Turits

Luna’s Story

Mentor: Clare Wolfe Domain: English Faculty: James Earle
For my Senior Project I transformed an original 12-page short story into a novella of 115 pages. Luna’s Story encompasses characteristics of science fiction, fantasy and realism in the contemporary setting of a destroyed New York City. Breaking the lock on her sealed basement door, 16-year-old Luna discovers another teenager who survived the destruction, but they must evade those who now scan the debris of the dead city. Hidden in the girl’s subconscious are reasons why and how this destruction happened—answers that she is only beginning to understand.

Tessa Von Walderdorff

Woman Playing the Mandolin

Mentor: Alexandra Cromwell
Domain: English
Faculty: Richard Dunn
For my Senior Project I wrote a novella about a girl living in Vienna, Austria during World War I. She is born into a chaotic family with secrets. She begins to uncover these secrets which change her entire perception of herself, her family, and life as a whole. I integrated research into aspects of life during World War I. The time period throws a strong light on family dynamics and personal relationships.

Kevin Wang

Documentary on Chinese Education—"One in a Billion"

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara
Domain: Media
Faculty: Gerard Doyle
As a Chinese student, I can clearly feel the enormous pressure young people have in China to succeed. With this in mind, I made a documentary film about China's education system. During the filming, I felt the stress and pressure Chinese students have during their daily life, and I hope the documentary helps to shed light on the education system in China.

Zoe Wang

Curiouser But Curiouser!

Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller
Domain: Media
Faulty: Kenneth Kilfara
For my Senior Project I created an animation inspired by Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in

Wonderland. In the story, Alice dreams of falling into a hole and to a magical land


where she meets several mysterious and complex characters, instantly making friends with them. The emotions of the girl are complex, and when she leaves this world, everything seems so real to her. This project reflected my personal perspective of being a student in a foreign land and learning how to live in a dream-like world. Writing allows me to immerse myself in the actions, emotions and moral struggles of my characters and to create an alternate reality where only I determine the fate of this newly formed world.

Emily Watson

Becoming Sugarplum

Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller Domains: Media, Performing Arts Faculty: Christopher Engel Consultant: Sara Jo Strickland
My Senior Project is based around the famous principle role of the ballet The Nutcracker: The Sugar Plum Fairy. This role, which I performed in my ballet company's production at Guild Hall in December, was the perfect culmination of my adolescent love of the performing arts. Half of my project is the performance itself, including the technique and steps I learned. The other half is a conceptual documentary photo and video installation that delves into the backstage world of performance and my own personal experience of becoming Sugar Plum.

Autumn Rose M. Williams

Shinnecock: Remember the Past, Hope for the Future

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara
Domains: Media, Cultural History
Faculty: Christopher Engel
I am a Native American from the Shinnecock Tribe, and I am very proud of where I come from. This pride made it easy to choose what I would do for my Senior Project—a documentary about my tribe. Through this documentary I tried to express the importance of the elders in the Shinnecock community as well as convey a message of unity. For the Shinnecock community, our tribe is of high importance and the goal of my documentary is to show my people the things that make up our community, what is important within our Nation and what brings us together.

Fuhito Yoshida


Mentor: Mami Takeda Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jennifer Cross
The design of Japanese armor is the theme of my Senior Project. In order to inform and educate the Ross community about how Japanese armor has developed over the course of several centuries, I researched the design and functions of the type of armor used between the Warring States period and the
Edo period. I also learned necessary skills to duplicate the artifact. To go along


with my armor, I created a panel describing the historical background of
Japanese armor and the process of designing my armor.

Yuan Yuan Zhang (Eva)

The Person I Have Never Known

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara
Domain: Media
Faculty: Gerard Doyle

The Person I Have Never Known is a short film I wrote, produced, cast, directed, edited and acted in for my Senior Project. In this story, a young girl creates a young man by gathering different features together on her laptop. After the young man is created, the girl falls into a fantasy world of her own creation.