Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Khalid Al-mahmoud

Mentor: Mark Foard

Domain(s):  English                  





Title: Qargisia


I am wrote a collection of short stories. The main story is about  people who got stuck in a cave so every one told his story. I am willing to write 60 pages  every story is about 15 page.









In my project I really learnt a lot of stuff that I didnt expect to learn. Like self confidence, editing and writing. It was a wonderful experience no matter  how I described it is  much better.


My project was a collection of short stories . It consist of  1 main story and 4 sub stories. The main story is about 5 people got stuck in a cave that was blocked by a rock. They where living in Qargisia the country where they lived. So after a while every one started to tell his story to the other. What makes my stories special is that I added drama, romance and terror in my stories so I the reader dont get bored.


I had a lot of challenges first one is the language barrier because  English is  my second language. Time was a very big challenge. I came late in the year, all the students who came at the same time are presenting in may. So I think I over came this challenge perfectly. Typing my work on the computer was a challenge I generally hate typing on the computer I prefer writing on paper. Therefore, it was a hard challenge.Explanning my ideas to my mentor is also hard. Generally its hard to explain ideas with someone who has a different cultural background. But I tried hard and my mentor also tried hard to over come this obstacle .


I discovered a lot of things in this project about my self that I didnt know.Like the writing talent. I really think that I have a talent that I can use it for any field I choose later. That I have a style no there writer has.And editing is harder than writing the story itself .You cant work alone you cant succeed until you get help. And I wouldnt finish If I didnt get the help from my friends and family.


I think that I improved in a lot of fields. First the language, I believe that I really improved my  English and  this feeling was confirmed after my TOEFL test. I am more confident in my work than before. Now I can show it hesitation now unlike before.


I have a lot of goals, first to publish the book in Qatar and display it in the Qatar national library. To translate my book into many languages. And to turn it into a film.


At the end I would like to thank all the people who worked with me on this project especially my mentor mark foard, arriane mayer and my father abdulrahman al-mahmoud, and the ross school.




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Outside Consultant


Maha al-mahmoud- My sister.

She is an educated woman  and she likes to read books.

She recommended  some good books to me.

She supported me in my project.