Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Lenny Kim

Mentor: Adam Judd

Domain(s): Theater Arts (Musical)





Title: 8-Year-Old Romance

Description: My Senior Project will be about the production of musical show based on the synopsis, songs, and all other related issues about musical made by myself. Product would be the script and a music CD.


Lenny Kim

8-Year-Old Romance

Mentor: Adam Judd

Domain: Media

Outside Consultant: Anita Sorel


Inspired by the past relationship with a girl in elementary school, I planned to write a musical based on the true story.

The musical shows the conflicts between two best friends to get this girl, Sim. As well as scripts, the songs and lyrics are all written by myself and Adam Judd helped me arranging them.






Music (Then Why, Please, Intro, If I Can Go Out with Her)






Since I came to America and have been interested in Theater Arts by participating in several acting-related activities, I came to decide to pursue the career in this field. The proper solution to deal with my passion was to produce my own musical based on my past experience. Although the project looked very ambitious at the first place, I wanted to test myself whether I can deal with this big issue or not.

            My First goal was to present the real performance by casting students in middle school and create the original songs and script. It turned out that the real performance cannot be done, but the latter was successful.

            In last June, 2010, I visited the institution called Musical Academy. It offers an intense musical training program for the students who are trying out to get into Korean Liberal Arts colleges as a musical major. I joined the program for a month and took acting, ballet, and vocal lessons. Meanwhile, I asked the head of the institution, Jung Tae-Young, to correct my first draft of the script but it didnÕt work out well since he was already obsessed with teaching students. The college entrance audition was only two months away.

            Then I started to procrastinate after translating the script into English and finally in January, I started to collect the 5-second melodies that I recorded irregularly in my MP3 player. After polishing up the melodies, I had to study about piano chords and write them down.

            For the music sheets that I wrote, there are no tempos written down. You can only see the notes, lyrics, and the chords. Since I donÕt know how to write down music, that was the only way I could go through.

Generally, I was being lazy, and creating original pieces was very time-consuming and stressful. I had to squeeze my brain to make any catchy melody lines. The thing is I had only five days left, so I blamed myself for my laziness very much.

            Writing the script in English including translation was a new experience. With Adam JuddÕs help, I could fix the wrong grammars, sentence structure, and finally the jokes that can appeal to Americans.

            Recording was a pain. With the installed software in Macbook, Garage Band, I recorded my vocal, but not the instrument because the quality of sound was ridiculous. So I had to play the software instrument by tapping the laptop keyboards to play piano.

Since IÕm going to study theater arts in college, the fact that I came through all this process would be a great experience and it means that I already took a giant step onto this art field.


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Outside Consultant



Anita Sorel: Director

Via e-mail, Anita checked my product and gave me some comments.