Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Sebastian Oppenheim

Mentor: Kerry-Sharkey Miller

Domain(s): Media, Fundraiser






Title: Big Fresh Productions

Description: My project was created to raise awareness through documentary, delivered in a series of webisodic broadcasts and support fundraising activity that will be channeled through an existing non-profit specializing in building wells in developing nations. Webisodes are short 2-3 minute clips of a streaming video. Each of them relates to a water problem or a particular aspect of water in our life. Ultimately my project will culminate in a documented trip to Africa to build a water well.




The basis of all planetary life is water, a natural resource, that humans continually take advantage of. What used to be an abundant resource is now a dwindling one. The current growing scarcity is due to two main factors. The first factor is geographic location countries near deserts have limited water resource. The second and most prevalent factor is the increase in population worldwide. As the population increases, water consumption grows as does organic waste, and with lack of infrastructure, waste seeps in natural resources, leading to water borne illness. With this growing problem, people need to know that water is an endangered resource.


My project seeks to solve these problems through raising awareness through the several webisodes. By teaching people the value of a natural resource we take for granted, it will reduce the usage and increase the urgency of this crisis in the minds of the public.


Combined with a will to provide aid and combined affluence, weĠd be able to supply the population worldwide with clean sources of drinking water. My goal is to raise money one well at a time.


We need to protect our current water tables and provide water to those

in need.






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Outside Consultant


Brian L Cohen

Environmental Engineer: He helped me with the planning of my webisodes and he was an interviewee.