Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Benjamin Potter

Mentor: Kenny Kilfara

Domain(s): Media








Description: ADRIFT is a short film or video art piece that is a visual representation of the relationship between mankind and nature. The piece shows and contrasts how mankind has deviated from nature and how mankind continues to connect with nature (by surfing). The short film combines footage I captured of nature and surfing, with found footage of general human existence and man impacting nature, in order to bring to attention some of the different relationships between man and nature.




      I captured all nature and surfing footage on a Canon HG10 camcorder. Footage was shot with tripod to stabilize shots and improve visual quality.

      The footage of man destroying nature was found on the Internet, i.e. Youtube, Google.

      The editing process began in late September and continued into early January. The time was spent learning, creating, conceptualizing, reworking, and refining.

      The main technique used to create tension and concept was to overlay the contrasting images. This was used throughout the film and was key in the development of the story.