Ross School - Senior Projects 2010


Student: Roberto Rossellini

Mentor: Alexis Martino

Outside Consultant: Patty Lein





Title: The Deep Blue Sea and Its Wonderful Creatures


In my short-film, I will also be coming up with my own definition on what an instinct is, how it affects animals, and how it helps them. My film will be of the fish mainly found in the Bahamas. I will be taking four marine animals (not just fish but possibly marine mammals as well) and interpreting their biology, where they live, what they eat, and their instinct. Also for these four fish I will be interpreting the damages we as humans have done to them. For example shark fining and how we kill off sharks. For the moment on my choices of fish/marine mammals, I have chosen the great white shark, and the cocoa damselfish, which was the fish I had studied on my 1-month trip in the Bahamas. My film will not only be educational, but it will also have some humor and sorrow to it.

      My project was changed from the description above. Instead I created everything that was said before about the fish in the Bahamas that I chose, but I left it at 3 fish instead of four, which were the Damselfish, Sharks, and Coral Reefs. Also instead of instincts, I did the issues that we as humans had done to these animals.









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