Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Richard Sipala

Mentor: Jim Smith

Domain(s): Wellness








Fitness & Nutrition for the Tennis Player is a book I have written to describe the best ways to get in shape to be able to maximize your tennis potential. It contains information on the best ways to eat, and describes what types of foods do what to your body. It talks about the importance of working out and gives photo demonstration of proper technique in the gym so that you can get right to work on getting in shape. Fitness & Nutrition for Tennis is a great guideline for tennis players to look at to guide them to a more successful career.








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The process of my senior project began the first day in school during IP time where I was told that I needed to do my senior project. Right off the bat I was told that I needed to start brainstorming ideas of something I would want to do. It was almost in an instant that I realized my project would be about tennis. What was more difficult was taking that Idea and turning it into a senior project. After consulting family and friends my ideas bounced around a lot, but eventually landed on writing a book about nutrition and fitness for tennis. Because of my passion for tennis I wanted to work on a project that would allow me to expand my knowledge in a way that would benefit me on the tennis court. In addition to learning more to be able to make myself a better athlete I was extremely excited that I would be able to gain knowledge to share with other athletes at Ross, especially the ones playing on the tennis team. I wanted to do something that would help the future athletes playing at the Ross school, and this gave me the perfect chance. Once I had set up my idea of what I wanted to do, I knew I would need help, and knowing that my project was going to be on fitness and nutrition I went to one of the only people I knew who would be capable of helping me. His name is Jimmy Christy. He is a body builder that works at Sportime in Quogue, and makes a living learning and teaching people about the most effective ways to train and eat. I had been friendly with him before so when I approached him to ask about maybe helping me he was very excited to start the project. Right from the get go he was ready to answer questions, unfortunately I had no questions to ask. I didnŐt have a good enough outline to truly ask concrete questions. I made a note to meet Jim Smith, and discuss more specific guidelines about what my book would contain. We decided that setting up a list of chapters would be the perfect way to express and organize all of the information I would want to cover. I went home that night and spent my night thinking about everything I thought would be important for the book. I listed 9 chapters. The next day I came back into school to consult with Jim Smith about the chapters I had decided. After further discussion we agreed on all of the chapters and I was able to begin. I worked one chapter at a time. The first one I began to write was a section about hydration. During this time of writing I would meet with Jimmy Christy 1-2 times a week. During our meetings we would work out for a little over an hour. I learned the best exercises that were tennis specific. I also learned the technique in which to perform these exercises in the safest way.  During these grueling workouts I would ask many questions I had prepared before regarding the topic I was researching during that time. I would do as much research as possible going into the workout session. I would tell him what I learned, and he would respond by telling me whether or not whether there was validity to what I was saying. He would also tell me other relevant facts and tips that he had learned throughout his research. Once I had gathered all of the facts I would sit down and spend a night writing paragraphs about the topic I had most recently researched. I worked like this throughout the entirety of the process. I wrote one chapter at a time until the entire book was finished.  At this point only one chapter was incomplete. I needed to take pictures of the proper technique of all of the workouts so I went to the gym and with the technique I learned from Jimmy I began to take pictures. Now that composing the material of my project was done I needed to put it into Booksmart and edit. These two steps were done simultaneously. Yariany helped me a ton with learning about booksmart, and it was a very difficult process to make the book look nice. Jim smith looked over what I wrote and gave me feed back on ways to make my project even better. After making those changes and making the book look nice on booksmart, I ordered my book and my process was done.


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Outside Consultant


Jimmy Christy

Occupation – Trainer/body builder

Works at Sportime at Quogue

Jimmy was a consultant who I used very often to bounce ideas off of. If there was ever a point where I was completely stuck he would point me in the right direction so that I could continue my work. He was very knowledgeable and was always there to give feedback.