Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Jack Van Deventer

Mentor: Ned Smyth

Domain(s): Science, Technology, and Visual Arts






Title: Traditional Green Architecture

Description: My product, essentially, was incorporating green technology into a traditional home. The trick was to disguise the technologies well, and have them still perform optimally. I hoped that house would maintain sufficient power intake from use of proper materials, while still staying trying to utilize the elegance of the traditional style. With the knowledge I had learned from this research, I then finalized the plan in a 3D computer model to add a sense of depth to allow the viewer to fully understand the design.


Hand drafts were drawn on architectural vellum, in a ¼Ó scale. The program used was Google SketchUp 7. The full video of the building is located in the PowerPoint Presentation, along with some research photos.




Artist Statement


Images (Draft1stFLoor.JPG, Draft2ndFloor.JPG, Final1stFloor.JPG, Final2ndFloor.JPG)






When I began work on my Senior Project, I knew I wanted to do something with Green Technology and Architecture. I have always had an interest in drawing, and a passion for technology. So, naturally, I decided to combine all of the things that I enjoy.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I got in touch with my outside consultant John Rocchetta. We went over possibilities the different green technologies that I could use in my home, as well as building techniques. From here, I began work to research the technologies that I would use in my home, and brainstorm how I would disguise them. I also went around the Town of Southampton looking at traditional style homes, and seeing what styles I liked and didnŐt. I eventually came to the conclusion that I liked the more federal/traditional styles homes for the simplicity and elegance.

After I completed the research portion of my project, I came up with the idea to encapsulate a wind turbine inside of a tower; so traditional feeling of the home is not compromised. I also decided to make sure the south side of the house was not facing the street, that way you would see the solar panels. And, as far as the geothermal goes, itŐs just underground.

Now that I had a concrete idea of what I wanted to do, I began to work on my hand-drafted floor plans, and start to familiarize myself more with Google SketchUp. I began to work with Urban every morning to make sure I did not make any mistakes and to produce a more detailed model.

As I began to work on my home, I consulted Mr. Rocchetta once more to get some more information on my Wind turbines, and he gave some research terms for me to look at. I looked at a Finish Wind Technology company called Windside, which dealt with vertical axis turbines that would be perfect for my home. Once I finished with that, I met with my mentor to finalize my model and fix any small problems.

            I worked over break to compile my information into a fact sheet that described the costs of each technology.  It explained things about installation fees, future rebates, etc.

            When I came back from break, all that was left to do was to install it into the gallery. Now that I had finished, I really felt that I had accomplished something. This experience was something that I will look back on. It gave me a better understanding for what I want to do in the future. ItŐs nice to know that what you enjoy doing can help benefit the world.


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Outside Consultant


(John Rocchetta

Regional Director/Manager at Green Logic in Southampton


Mr. Rocchetta helped in the process of researching the technologies in the home, as well as approving them. He made sure that they are viable options for the home. He was also a source for information and general help/feedback.