Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Joyce Wang

Mentor: Urban Reininger

Domain(s): Technology, Media and Visual Arts




Title: My Own Brand – Eve


For my senior project, I designed my own brand, Eve. Eve is also the name of a cartoon character, which is the logo of my brand. The brand was created for young girls so that they can buy a lot of pretty accessories from my website. I took a lot of pictures of my products, and I focused on web design. I learned a lot about drawing through Illustrator, fixing pictures through Photoshop, and using Iweb to create a website. I also learned to write a good business plan for my brand. I am hoping to actually can sell my products online in the near future!


1. My website link:


Business Plan






        I have been interested in fashion design for a very long time. Creating my own brand is always my big dream. Senior project is a big chance for me to start working on what I always want to do. I mainly started my business through online store, which is the most important part of my project. On the online store, I am selling women accessories, including headwear and earrings.

        I mainly had four goals during the process, including creating my own brand, creating my own style, starting an online store and writing a business plan.

        At the beginning, I wanted to know how I actually could create a personal brand. First of all, I thought about the name of the brand. There are two reasons why I use Eve as the name of my brand. I have a slogan on the homepage of my online store, which is “do you want to have your own personal style of accessories? Eve will satisfy you forever.” The other reason is that Eve is also the name of my character. The logo and the character is also the most important part of my brand. The logo is in a shape of heart. The left side is letter e, the right side is also representing the letter e, and the black shadow in the center is letter v, which means the brand name Eve.

        After finishing the brand creating, I wanted to create my own style. This is the most challenging part for me during the whole process. My goal is to make a style that many girls like, and attract them to buy my products. I make the main color of my brand red. The background of the logo is the pattern of Chinese brocade, which is a Chinese traditional artwork. The materials I used to make products are also representing the style of my brand. As I want my products not only show the traditional Chinese style, but also reflect a modern western style. I used lace to decorate the headwear. And I mainly used metal to make earrings.

        Then I moved to start an online store. I first used iweb to make a website. My website includes home, style, products, blog, webstore and contact, six parts. After I finished all the products, product descriptions, prices, and images, my mentor helped me to find a website called cartloom, as I need a shopping cart. The shopping cart can allow me to create, customize, and maintain my own online store from start to finish. Then I used Dream weaver to fix the whole website.

       Finally I planned to write a business plan. The business plan mainly consists of four parts, including market analysis, strategy and implementation, web plan and financial analysis. About market analysis, I focused on my unique selling proposition, which is to provide customers more beautiful accessories and teach them how to match it at the same time. Strategy and implementation include sales strategy and competitive edge. I will bring high quality accessories to women and the prices will reflect a range of mid pricing. Average price points will be around $15. To maintain profit margins of 20%, I will focus on obtaining an average 60% retail makeup for all merchandise. Web plan is about the development requirements of the website. And finally the financial analysis, which is also the financial plan, shows at the very least my projected profit and loss and cash flow table.

        From this project, I learned to use iweb to make a website and dream weaver to do shopping cart. I also learned to write a business plan, which made a great influence on me. I also practiced the skill of coming up with new ideas of design.


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Outside Consultant


Outside consultant name: Jennifer Cross

Occupation details: Ross Art teacher

1.    Ms. Cross helped me with the character designing at the beginning. Because I wanted to use watercolor to draw my own character, which can create a special style but I was not using the watercolor paper. Ms. Cross asked me to use tracing paper to copy the original picture on the watercolor paper. Then I can scan the picture on the watercolor paper to the computer.

2.    Because many famous fashion brand have at least two different logos. After I created the heart-shaped logo, Ms. Cross asked me to create another one. She taught me how to make the logo reflect the style of my brand.