Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: DÕAshley Heather Wilson

Mentor: Karin Schroeder

Domain(s): Fundraising






Title: A PSA for PCA


á       For my Senior Project I chose to organize a fundraiser to help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. All the funds that were raised at the event and outside of the event have gone directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I chose to do a fundraiser because in June of 2004 my father Byron Heath Wilson passed away from this disease. I set up an online donation page through an organization called Crowdrise that allowed me to connect to the PCF directly. At my event all of the food that was served was beneficial to the health of the prostate, and there were menus and mini cookbooks given out so people could make the food at home! The event took place on November 4, 2010 from 5pm - 8pm at the East Hampton Boathouse. It was really important to me to put Prostate Cancer Òon the mapÓ so to speak because not many people are aware of the disease, and the severity of it if the disease progresses oftentimes unnoticed.






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I was super nervous without my mom there and I got super emotional but I pulled myself together and finished.  Mr. Drossel asked like 20 questions but it was cool, I did not actually mind as much as he thought. IÕm glad itÕs over, this school sucks, and four months later and I still feel the same way. Thank god IÕm graduating, I didnÕt do a PowerPoint because I hate them and I think theyÕre pointless. IÕm going to go to lunch with Max and his mom J IÕm so glad this dreadful process is over. I can totally understand why a lot of my friends said they hated senior project by the end of it. This is a cool process however ridiculously tedious because as much as they say itÕs yours, in reality itÕs not and you have to do majority of the things THEIR way. IÕm pretty sure IÕM THE SENIOR and not anyone else but whatever. ItÕs over and done with thank god. IÕm not sure I really enjoyed any of his senior project period it was so annoying to be quite honest. Between the negative attitudes from faculty members and the other stuff I had going on in my own personal life this was something I would NEVER do again. There is NO point in senior project if you canÕt even follow the rubric you made. Looking at the rubric I made and having to make some tedious corrections because it didnÕt follow the rubric was kind of dumb, seeing as I wouldnÕt give myself something I donÕt want to do in my OWN rubric.


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Outside Consultant


Hailey London, Nutritionist, SheÕs related to my project because sheÕs a nutritionist and I wrote a paper on the nutritional benefits to changing your diet in regards to prostate cancer.