Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Shu Wu

Mentor: Jennifer Cross

Domain(s): Visual Arts




Title: Song of the Sunny Spot



For my senior project, I created an installation and a graphic novel based on the short story, "Song of the Sunny Spot", written by Japanese writer Otsuichi. The story intrigued me with its simple language and the delicate way the story had been told. The sensibilities and appreciation towards the world also made me sense the deep meaning of death. Everyone is afraid of death, but would you rather not have ever existed? Appreciating life is such a wonderful thing to do, though we all have to learn how to deal with death. What would you do if you know you are going to die in a few weeks? I wish this experience of my installation could make people rethink about their lives and find meanings for themselves.




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For my senior project, I made an installation in the gallery, which is based on a short story written by Japanese writer, Otsuichi. Otsuichi is a famous writer in Japan who writes short, horror stories, and almost all of his work is related to the idea of death.  Zoo is a book which includes several short stories of Otsuichi, for my project, I chose only one of the short stories from this book which is titled ŇSong of the Sunny Spot.Ó It is a really beautiful and poetic story, that touched me and made me want to start this project.  It was this one night last year before summer; I couldnŐt fall asleep after receiving a phone call from my mom about my grandmaŐs sudden sickness.  I was really shocked and worried and was in a really bad mood that I couldnŐt fall asleep.  Unfortunately, there is no Internet connection in the boarding houses after 10:30 every night, and I lived in the basement, which had no service that I couldnŐt call my friend, so I picked up the book and started reading.


After discussing with my Mentor, Ms. Cross and my outside consultant, Ms. Lichtenstein, I decided to create a multimedia installation.  And my final product includes: 2 window paintings, 2 ceramic cups, 1 ceramic plate, a bowl of ceramic salad, a boat model, and a graphic novel.


Works Cited or Works Consulted


Otsuichi, and Terry Gallagher. Zoo. San Francisco, CA: HAIKASORU, 2009. Print.


Outside Consultant


Therese Lichtenstein, Ross School Art History Teacher


Sue Heatley, Ross School Art Teacher