Ross School - Senior Projects 2011


Student: Jingbo Yu

Mentor: Gary Skellington

Domain(s): Mathematic, Science, and English






Title: Global Environmental Issues - The Endangered Earth


In order to complete this project, I broke it into two parts: statistics and writing. In the statistical part, I first collected data about environmental and social issues from multiple sources. Then I created historical graphs from this data by doing calculations and testing. After that I converted these historical graphs into prediction graphs. For the second part, I wrote about current environmental and social issues, such as global warming and population growth. For each issue I incorporated my historical and prediction graphs. Then I analyzed and explained each graph, forecasting what may happen in the year of 2030. My goal is to try and get society's attention focused on these multiple issues, and to start saving our Earth.









Projecting and forecasting the future can help us understand current situations more clearly. Our Earth is suffering from multiple environmental problems and related social problems. In order to demonstrate how dangerous the EarthÕs environmental situation is by forecasting and projecting the patterns and trends in environmental issues for the next two decades, this paper includes projections of certain data for the following environmental problems from 1980 to 2030: Global warming section: the average world temperature; sea level changes; the number of passenger vehicles worldwide; the volume of carbon dioxide produced; and economic losses from weather-related disasters. Food, energy, and wastes section: the annual addition of population; the world population; the amount of grain produced; the amount of grain consumed per person; the amount of municipal solid waste; the amount of timber production, the amount of electrical energy generated; world irrigated areas, world irrigated areas per thousand people.

            I chose my topic so was because I am very interested in learning math. Also, I remembered watching some scientific program when the movie 2012 came out at the same time. Therefore, I wanted to do something also related with environmental issues. My goal is to try to get the government and the societyÕs attention on how dangerous the situation of the environment of our Earth is. I planed three steps to achieve my goal, which were making graphs, writing paper, and hold a fundraiser. However, I could not do the fundraiser due to the short amount of the time. For my process, I collected data, and learnt statistical method to make my predictions. Then I made my graphs and started talking about them in my paper. During the process, I had my mentor, my outside consultant, Ms. Singer, Ms. Cromwell, and Ms. McCall to read my paper and help me edit them. Making graphs are also a hard part in my process. It took me a while to learn how to work in Excel. My final step was editing my paper took me a long time to finish it. There were many challenges for me, and they were language barrier, time management, English and scientific writing skill, self-confidence, and technical skill. English, as my second language, had given me a hard time during the process of my editing work. I finally could conclude that I should not just assume that I could do something before I actually tried it. When I finished my first draft, it was not a scientific paper at all and I just had to learn how to transform it. Before I started, I did not think I could really write more than twenty pages, but it came out even more than double of the page-length I expected.

            For my future, I may do my fundraiser in college, because I donÕt want my paper to stay on my desk for the rest of its life. I also wish to post it on some scientific websites and make it a letter and send it to the state government.


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Outside Consultant


Carleton Schade, Teacher.

My outside consultant helped me on finding data for my graphs and taught me how to write scientific paper.